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Danabol DS + Tamoxifen Ebewe + Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate) + Oxandrolone 

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All products in the cycle are very effective, but remember that injectable steroids are much more effective.

The combination of two oral steroids, Danabol and Anavar, is considered very gentle and safe for the liver. It helps increase muscle mass, muscle strength and stamina, increases endurance and keeps bones and joints in good condition.

PCT is required after cycling and all products are included.

However, each individual is unique and each cycle dose is based on our experience. We recommend contacting our customer service team for more information and assistance.

This is a cycle containing oral medication. It does not include the type of injection. The combination of Dianabol, tamoxifen, clomid and oxandrolone. These are synthetic compounds that are needed to heal and strengthen the body.

One of the things most people consider before doing a T cycle is the need for proper recovery after the cycle, but if there is not proper recovery from taking too little T, there can be significant problems with muscle growth and bulking steroids. It is therefore very important to get adequate recovery from oral bulking steroids during a steroid cycle. After prolonged muscle growth, the body needs a recovery program to recover. It is important to keep the muscles in proper recovery for 4-6 weeks after the main phase of the cycle, preferably the steroid bulking cycle. A large amount of T needs to be released into the body, so the cycle should be as short as possible to allow the T to be fully absorbed.



Heavy users can go up to 100mg/day, and if they can maintain this dose, they can achieve significant muscle gains within a few days. Intermediate users taking a dose of 50mg/day may experience the same muscle gains, but for a few days longer.

For bodybuilders and athletes, an easy dose is 10 mg/day, as this dose has zero side effects. This 10 mg/day dose is very safe and reliable for female athletes and weightlifters.


- Oxandrolone has the property of providing muscle growth over time.

- Oxandrolone users gain weight and muscle at an optimal rate. Their muscles appear firmer.

- The good news about Oxandrolone is that you can experience muscle growth within a few days, so you don't have to wait that long.

- Oxandrolone speeds up muscle recovery and saves muscles after a hard and strenuous workout.

The most important thing to remember.

In order to benefit from this drug, you must follow the exact dosing schedule of the drug. You should not abuse this medicine to protect yourself from negative effects and diseases.


 Since Anavar is often referred to as the steroid used by bodybuilders for weight gain, these comparisons are appropriate. Understanding these differences is important to understanding when to use Anavar and when not to use Anavar.Anavar is an anabolic steroid used by bodybuilders when they are running bulking programs to build more muscle mass.Anavar is an anabolic steroid used by bodybuilders when they are running bulking programs to build more muscle mass.

The benefits of using Anavar

·         Anavar has different effects on bodybuilders.

·         Increases size and strength to build muscle mass Increases testosterone levels in healthy men.

·         Increases healthy female hormones for increased energy and strength.

·         Has a laxative effect.

·         It's an anabolic steroid and is commonly used to increase upper body muscle mass over a period of time.


Tamoxifen - AbbVie


Tamoxifen is a synthetic drug that acts as an estrogen antagonist. Tamoxifen tablets are indicated for athletes and the required dose is 10-20 mg. It should be stored for at least 4-6 weeks. This is sufficient to maintain fitness.


-          Increases testosterone production in the body and helps to achieve good testosterone levels.

-          It stimulates the production of LH and FSH in the body, thus increasing the amount of sex hormones in the body.

-          Tamoxifen is a good alternative to PCT.

-          Most female players use tamoxifen in their pre-match training cycle.