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A key factor in anabolic and regenerative effects is the total level and production of the important hormone IGF-1. A study conducted by a team of researchers has clearly shown that the total level of IGF-1 is directly proportional to the duration and timing of HGH secretion. For example, the study showed that a dose of GHRP-50 peptide that produced a significant increase in HGH levels in the body over 100-2 minutes resulted in significantly lower IGF-1 levels compared to levels achieved with 2 tablets of Gigarelline, which produced a much longer lasting increase in HGH levels in the body over 120-180 minutes.

Gigarelin has a longer lasting effect on HGH secretion and therefore can produce stronger results than conventional injectable doses of GHR peptides. In addition, and more importantly, the endogenous growth hormone produced by Gigarelin stimulation is much more natural and generally safer for the body than externally administered artificial growth hormone. Because it is a naturally produced hormone, it is generally better accepted, tolerated and absorbed by the body.

Mode of action

Gigarelin is a more potent and powerful HGH stimulant with a longer duration of action and better secretion pattern than injectable GHR peptides and their combinations. A key factor in the anabolic and regenerative effects is the overall production and importance of the hormone IGF-1. According to the Genesis Biology research team, researchers have clearly shown that the total amount of IGF-1 is directly proportional to the duration and primary secretion of GHR.

For example, studies have shown that a single dose of the injectable GHR peptide GHRP-2 in the body for 50-100 minutes causes a significant increase in HGH levels, resulting in significantly lower IGF-1 production compared to the level that two Gigarellin tablets can provide, and therefore the body needs more time to increase HGH levels - up to 120-180 minutes. Because of the prolonged release of HGH, Gigarelin can provide an even stronger effect than normal GHR peptide injection doses.


·         It is a miracle drug that can be used to regenerate and repair the entire body, including internal organs. It can improve nails and hair and skin looks fresh and young.

·         It improves the condition of body tissues. It can also be used to increase bone density. This product can reduce cholesterol level in human body and support cardiovascular function. One of the main uses of this product is to increase muscle mass and it is very popular among bodybuilders.

·         If you understand the benefits and advantages of this product, there is no competition or comparison between this product and Roid24.

·         We recommend you to ignore all other products that you are using to solve your various health and fitness problems and opt for this product to improve your overall health, as this product will provide maximum results that suit your needs.

·         Gigareline highly supports the growth of new muscle mass, strength, endurance and performance.

·         Gigareline not only boosts natural growth hormone levels to optimal levels, but also increases male and endogenous testosterone levels, which improves muscle pump and blood flow.

·         Gigareline has a high anabolic effect (effectively increases protein synthesis, muscle cell hyperplasia and hypertrophy) and a strong anti-catabolic effect (helps prevent muscle mass breakdown and maintain athlete's performance and preserve muscle mass when training is not possible) without negative androgenic effects.

·         "Gigareline effectively improves muscle strength, quality, definition, topography and density.

·         Gigareline increases work capacity and endurance and significantly improves overall physical performance.

·         Gigareline effectively increases the body's metabolism and helps burn unwanted body fat, providing an additional source of energy for training and performance.