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Biosira Oxymetholone Androx

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Biosira Oxymetholone Androx


Some of the best Androx products from Biosira are produced by the renowned manufacturer Biosira Pharmaceuticals. Therefore, when you plan to buy these products, opt for the brand described above.

This substance was first discovered to treat some specific diseases such as anemia and osteoporosis. The main ingredient of this oxymetholone drug is sold under the brand name Anadrol. After the discovery of the anabolic properties of this substance, bodybuilders started using it to enhance their performance. After several users of this steroid, it became one of the most popular steroids among many athletes.

You can take this drug either in tablet form or in injectable form. The injectable form is most common among athletes who want to enhance their performance during competitions. Androx is an oral steroid that contains the active ingredient oxymetholone. It is considered one of the most powerful steroids. Bodybuilders use this form of steroid because it increases muscle mass and reduces body fat, making them look leaner and meaner than before.


 Anadrol was first produced in 19060 by the pharmaceutical company Syntex and was prescribed to treat anemia and osteoporosis.  However, with the advent of EPO, anadrol was no longer considered an ideal candidate for the treatment of anemia, so Syntex discontinued the production of oxymetholone under the trade name Anadrol in 1993. Then, in 1998, Anadrol was reintroduced to treat muscle wasting in patients with high-intensity celiac disease.  BB and power lifters started using this drug soon after its release and to this day it remains one of the most popular oral steroids ever made.


The half-life of Biosira Oxymetholone Oral Steroid Effects of Biosira Oxymetholone Oral Steroid and Androx 25mg 100 Tab Biosira Oxymetholone Oral Steroid is about 16 hours. However, the duration of action of this oral steroid in the body may vary slightly from user to user.

Due to its long half-life, this popular steroid does not require fractionated dosing; one 50 mg tablet of Androx 25 mg 100 Tab taken once daily (preferably in the morning) should be sufficient to maintain stable plasma levels throughout the day.

Main uses

·         Androol is the king of traditional oral steroids, the most powerful product for gaining mass and strength.  It is known to deliver immediate and significant results: many users have added over 20 kilograms in the first four weeks. 

·         Although its potential as a weight and strength gaining supplement is perhaps its most notable feature, Anadrol is no pussy pony. It significantly increases the user's muscle mass and strength. That is why bodybuilders and athletes have started using it to enhance their performance.

·         It only burns fat tissue in the user's body and has no effect on muscle mass. This is the reason why one does not experience significant changes in the overall muscle mass of their body.

·         It is available in tablet form under the names Androx and Anapolone. The main purpose of this drug is to treat anemia, but it is used with great success by bodybuilders as a means to gain weight.

·         Biosira Oxymetholone Androx is a drug that has been used by many bodybuilders for many years. It is also known as Anadrol and does wonders for muscle growth.

·         It is often applied at the end of pre-contest workouts to increase muscle volume beyond what can be achieved with injections alone - which has been achieved with great success.

·         Users of this compound often experience extreme muscle pumps during workouts, which is no doubt due at least in part to the drug's ability to increase the number of red blood cells in the blood.  An increase in vascular activity is to be expected. 


This is one of the most potent steroid preparations ever created. For this reason, it is usually recommended to take 50-150 mg per day for 4-12 weeks. Although there are many users who find that 50-100 mg per day is more than enough for their body.